TV Stand

can grow plants

you just didn't know it (yet)



can grow plants

it's actually quite easy you know?



can grow plants

we sell LED lights with climate control kits


office storage

can grow plants

and it's all controlled by an app!



can grow plants

so you can turn any furniture


old fridge

can grow plants

into a connected grow box



can grow plants

and that's amazing


coffee table

can grow plants

just press the START GROWING button


Carboard box

can grow plants

get yours now:)



can grow plants

and it's open-source btw

Start growing

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Before 10/18/2021

Turn any furniture into a connected growbox

That will blend in with the rest of your home

Welcome to the best hobby in the world!
SuperGreenLab is a community dedicated to personal home growing in small and discreet spaces.
If there’s one plant that should be home grown, it’s cannabis. Even a single plant can give you the quantity and quality to become self sufficient.
And no need for a big and ugly setup anymore!
Pick any furniture that fits your taste and grow weed out of it!
SuperGreenLab brings you all the technology and knowledge to start growing your own.


Get any furniture
Any size and shape, our bundles are designed to adapt to all types furniture.


Install your bundle
Easy to install and configure. Just a few steps and your LED lights are ready!


Start growing
24/7 support, join the evergrowing community!

Perfect bundles for home growing

For those that want to keep it discreet and stealthy, or just fancy...

Like a tiny ecosystem, in a cupboard
Growing plants indoor means that apart from the usual soil, nutrient and water you will also need to provide sunlight and fresh air.
While there are already a lot of solutions when it comes to soil and nutrient, there were no lighting solution that could fit tight spaces.
SuperGreenLab designed the first grow bundle dedicated to creating the perfect growing environment in virtually any kind of furniture.

The perfect "Work-from-home" setup to survive quarantine

From a discreet swedish cabinet under your desk with it’s second chamber above for a simple perpetual setup 🌿🌲

How fancy do you want your growbox?

Yes, even your family heirloom secretary desk can be given a second life and transformed into a connected growbox. True story! This growbox wins the 2020 SGL design&style award 🏅

Efficiency at it's finest

To a full-sized wardrobe perpetual harvest setup This guy blew our minds btw, he got 1.614g/w (77g or 2.7oz with only 48w for bloom) 🤯

What.. I don't even..

Really anything can be a growbox; take this super simple plastic tote that doesn’t take up much space - boom! You can get up to 50g of homegrown 🥦 each harvest!

Our bundles are all-included:

Light, environment control and automation

Simulate the sun with
Up to 6 LED panels*
Up to 6 LED panels* for a perfect coverage of your plant, even in the tightest space
LED technologies have revolutionized the way we can grow cannabis; more light and less heat means we’re able to grow in the tightest space
* Coming soon: more than 6 panels on a controller, bigger SGL panels, and compatibility with other products on the market!
Control your grow environment with
Temperature and humidity sensor & Automatic ventilation
Temperature and humidity sensor to make sure the plant is comfortable
Automatically controlled ventilation based on temperature or humidity
Configure alerts and receive a notification when the temperature or humidity gets out of range.
Keep everything under control with
Controlled from a mobile app, from anywhere with internet access.
Can control up to three independant spaces at the same time.
And much more: auto-watering, VPD, CO2 control, UVa schedules, emerson effect etc...
Ask us anything
We're here to help!
When you’re buying a bundle you’re not only buying an electronic gadget.
You also get access to our private 24/7 support.
Whether you need technical or plant growing help, there will be someone to answer you questions.

The grow assistant app that has your back

logo-supergreenlab logo-appstore logo-playstore
There’s no secret to growing nice plants, you have to become a better grower yourself.
The SuperGreenLab app does not only control the box parameters, it’s also your private grow diary & assistant.
This app will help you grow green thumbs, by allowing you to keep track of all actions you perform on your plant and its environment.
Setup reminders and alerts, take notes and pics of your plant trainings and boost your growing skills.
And because we’re a community before all, you can also check other people’s public diaries for help and inspiration!

App features

(non exhaustive)

Community driven development, don’t forget to cast your vote!

Light control

Remote live view
Daily Timelapses!


Measure tool
See it growing!

Record your
Nutrient mix

Record your plant,
Life cycle events

Schedule control

Remote control
& monitoring

Temperature & humidity

Watering log
& reminders

Log pictures
& observations

Plant training
before/after pics

And many more...
logo-supergreenlab logo-appstore logo-playstore
📡 Keep an eye on your plant environment from anywhere.
🌡 Configure your alerts, the app will tell you when the temperature or humidity is out of range
🍼 Keep track of your waterings to make sure your don’t over or under water, setup reminders!
📊 Measure the progression of your plant over time
📷 Add a remote camera to your grow box and get daily/weekly timelapses
📝 Take notes and pics of your plant training and boost your growing skills
👀 Consult other people’s public diaries for help and inspiration
And many more..

You won’t be alone in your quest to infinite weed

Buying a bundle gets you free access to the private SuperGreenLab community support chat.
24/7 technical and plant support from us and the community.
Hundreds of people willing to share their passion for growing and building grow boxes.
Wether you’re an experienced grower or total noob, there’s always something to learn and share.
The SuperGreenLab private discord server is home to throusands of continuous discussions about people’s experiences.
Using the search feature will allow you to dig old discussions about subjects that matter to your case.

Discussion forums

(non exhaustive)

Here are some discussion topics you’ll find in the private section.

— feature-polling

— tech-support

— edibles

— 3d-printing

— seeds-germination

— autoflowers

— plant-training

— deals

— puff-puff-pass

— carbon-filter-builds

— grow-box-builds

— timelapses

— harvesting-curing

— is-my-plant-ok

— gaming

— nutrients

— grower’s-discussion

— breeding

Not sure where to get started?

No worries, we have something for you!

The SGL 12 step guide to:
Everything you need
to grow your own weed
By the end of this quick & simple guide you will have all the basics to start growing your own discreetly from the comfort of your home
+ a checklist of everything you’ll need along the way
Click here to
read the guide

Ready to grow?

Order your kit and start your journey!

All good, I got this
Growing your own is simple but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the info and different products available online.
Our goal is to make growing as simple as possible for you to enjoy!
So, we made complete shopping lists to get you from seed to weed 🌱
Order everything you need to grow your own weed in our new SuperGreenLab Growshop 💚
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