TV Stand

can grow plants

you just didn't know it (yet)



can grow plants

it's actually quite easy you know?



can grow plants

we sell LED lights with climate control kits


office storage

can grow plants

and it's all controlled by an app!



can grow plants

so you can turn any furniture


old fridge

can grow plants

into a connected grow box



can grow plants

and that's amazing


coffee table

can grow plants

just press the START GROWING button


Carboard box

can grow plants

get yours now:)



can grow plants

and it's open-source btw
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How it works

In just 3 steps

(like.. around 3 steps)


Get any furniture
Any size and shape, our bundles are designed to adapt to all types furniture.


Install your bundle
Easy to install and configure. Just a few steps and your LED lights are ready!


Start growing
24/7 support, join the evergrowing community!

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of growbox builders

What will you build?

Checkout some of the amazing builds made by the community. From the fanciest to the cheapest, going through the most functional ones. All those builds have been made by our community of hundreds of creative growers.

Ordering a bundle unlocks access to all those amazing individuals willing to help each other in the comfort of our private discord server.

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The perfect "Work-from-home" setup to survive quarantine

From a discreet swedish cabinet under your desk with it’s second chamber above for a simple perpetual setup 🌿🌲

How fancy do you want your growbox?

Yes, even your family heirloom secretary desk can be given a second life and transformed into a connected growbox. True story! This growbox wins the 2020 SGL design&style award πŸ…

Efficiency at it's finest

To a full-sized wardrobe perpetual harvest setup This guy blew our minds btw, he got 1.614g/w (77g or 2.7oz with only 48w for bloom) 🀯

What.. I don't even..

Really anything can be a growbox; take this super simple plastic tote that doesn’t take up much space - boom! You can get up to 50g of homegrown πŸ₯¦ each harvest!

Ready to grow?

Follow the steps below


Choose your furniture

Welcome to micro growing, the best hobby ever πŸ’š
Start by picking a piece of furniture that fits your space.
pro tip: flat white is great for reflecting light πŸ’‘


Get a bundle

We designed and put together a bundle to transform your furniture into a connected stealth growbox.
It has everything you need to get started πŸ™‚

Ninja Grow Bundle

6 LED panels to adapt to any spaces.

  • Now with new controller V3!
  • 6 LED lights for unlimited possibilities
  • Build a grow box out of anything (space buckets, TV stands, toolboxes …)
  • Up to 2’ x 2’ (80cm x 80 cm)
  • Up to 3 different grow schedules, in 3 different boxes
  • Easy setup and control with the Application
  • All included: Grow lights, power supplies, sensors and ventilation


incl. tax

Install your bundle

Learn how to install your bundle with Stant, don't forget to like & subscribe over on YouTube to not miss our next build πŸ‘
Need extra help? Send us a message :)


Welcome to the website guide of the Eket V2 build video guide.
With two separate chambers this build can do continuous supply in a very small package.

This guide is done with a small and a big eket, but you could do it with two large ones to allow longer vegging, in this case you can do the second eket for vegging with just 2 panels instead of 4.

The normal power usage for this build is below 50w total, which means less than $5/month for veg (4€) and $3/month in bloom (3€).

The new cardboard compression chamber of the blower allows for a quieter build and makes the carbon filter setup much simpler.

(The attachements below are also downloadable throughout the guide)

View guide

More from our Youtube channel


Start growing

There are a lot of ways to achieve a successful harvest but every grow needs a growing medium (soil/soilless) and nutrients (organic/mineral).
To help you get started we curated grow packs from recommendations by the SGL community.
pro tip: keep it simple, experiment, and don't hesitate to ask for advice over on Discord :)

Mega Crop Pack

MEGA CROP PACK is an all in one, complete plant nutrient designed from the ground up. You get everything you need from start to finish, to grow the best quality plants. Regulate pH from your water is recommanded


*price may vary incl. tax
products in this pack

Bio Tabs Pack

This Pack is for 100% organic growth, it is best to prepare your soil with a rich mix of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. The method consists of preparing the substrate with the BioTabs products in the quantities indicated and repeating the same procedure each time the plant is transplanted into a new pot. The formula is so simple, you only need to add water not even with ph control. Certified 100% Organic.


*price may vary incl. tax
products in this pack


Sometimes growing is difficult and mistakes are easily made, this pack will help you to reduce all those mistakes with tools who are not mandatory but really recommanded for massive success


*price may vary incl. tax
products in this pack

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Here's a non exhaustive list of tools and materials we used in some shape or form to build and grow.

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"Best of luck to all of your future endeavors. If it wasn't for your SGL Board my homegrown wouldn't be this successful."
"These lights put off a huge punch, with hardly any heat at all, my plants Love the spectrums.. this is an easy all on one set up - with the best customer service hands down. You cant go wrong:) and i have one of every product!"
"Been using the product for months now and keep being surprise. I have been growing for long time but i'm doing some micro grow since few months and the LED results and capabilities are amazing. Great product and great team and a strong community."
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