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Expand your grow with another chamber

Looking to expand your grow?

An extra chamber allows you to do a perpetual harvest by having plants in both the vegetative state and the blooming phase in different chambers.

Expand your grow space with a separate chamber with the Blower and Sensor combo pack 👌

Plugs right in your controller's motor and sensor ports.
Then, setup a new Lab easily in the app and you're good to grow :)

The controller has 3 motor ports and 3 sensor ports (only 2 sensor ports can run the same sensor).

  • A combo pack to expand your grow with a second chamber
  • 1x Blower for extraction
  • 1x Sensor for monitoring & alerts


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Welcome to the website guide of the Eket V2 build video guide.
With two separate chambers this build can do continuous supply in a very small package.

This guide is done with a small and a big eket, but you could do it with two large ones to allow longer vegging, in this case you can do the second eket for vegging with just 2 panels instead of 4.

The normal power usage for this build is below 50w total, which means less than $5/month for veg (4) and $3/month in bloom (3).

The new cardboard compression chamber of the blower allows for a quieter build and makes the carbon filter setup much simpler.

(The attachements below are also downloadable throughout the guide)

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