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Welcome to the best hobby ever!

We made a kit and guides to help you transform any furniture in a connected grow box for anyone to grow their own 👌

Thanks to 24/7 support from the SGL Community over on Discord it doesn't matter if you've got green thumbs; we'll help you out!
SuperGreenLab owners get access to private channels with dedicated topics/discussions 🧠

With 3 full spectrum LED grow lights providing light everywhere and little heat, it can grow plants in a 2.5x1.25ft || 80x40cm easily 💡

With these lights we successfully grew and harvested from space buckets, TV stands, office storages and custom built grow boxes. Some of our users even grew in toolboxes & suitcases!

This complete grow box bundle lets you build a grow box out of almost anything.

Don't take our word for it!

See for yourself, check out the grow diaries on the SuperGreenApp 👈
Explore the grows and learn how you too can grow your own 🥦

The app also enables you to manage your grow from your smartphone 👌
The controller receives info from the temp/humidity sensor and helps you keep everything under control for smooth growing 😎

The ninja grow bundle is fully controllable from your smartphone and can be split into 3 different chambers with different light dimming, schedules and ventilation setups; perpetual harvest made simple 👌

What will you build?

Includes :

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Default plug for the rest of the world is US.

ps: any questions? hit us up via the live chat here or shoot us an email :)


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The perfect all-in-one bundle

Fits any space

Top of the line LEDs
Providing optimal lighting and little heat. Perfect for the whole life cycle of your grow. The LEDs produce very little heat, perfect for stealth growths.
Come with ventilation, which ensures heat and humidity control, can be used with a carbon filter (not included).
Includes a humidity and temperature sensor. Keep an eye on your grow even when you're not at home!
Free app
Fine-tuning, monitoring and having a live view on your grow, all from your phone! The app also includes tips and tricks to ensure the best yield from your grow!

Our hardware is

The first continuous supply setup

Harvest twice as fast

Don't wait until harvest to start the next plant!
You don't have to wait until harvest to start the next plant! Harvest twice as fast with continuous supply.
The Controller can control up to 3 spaces with different schedules to do vegging and blooming at the same time.

SuperGreenOS feature highlight

Progressive sunrise/sunset

Just like the sun, in a box

The sun doesn't switch to midday position in a second, why would your lamp?
The SuperGreenController gives you total control of your lights,
it allows to switch from veg to bloom at a press of a button,
it simulates sunrise and sunsets, and allows to choose independent dimming for each led channels,
smart schedules for UV and IR panels are coming soon.

Proudly introducting:

The SuperGreenLab App

Now on apple & android stores!

Keep track of your grow

Growing cannabis is simple; all you need is love and rigor.
We know you love your plants; we are here to help you take care of them 💚

Imagine what it would be like to consistently grow and enjoy your own homegrown cannabis exactly how you like it - every. single. time.

Dense trichome covered nugs overflowing from your stash jar… forever.
Even if it’s your first time growing - green fingers NOT required!

In beta, our Grow Assistant & Diary app has helped hundreds of SuperGreenLab growers around the world successfully grow, harvest, dry, cure, and enjoy their own homegrown flower 🌼 Now we’re ready to help every grower out there 🌵

Record your actions & progress

Ever wanted to travel back in time to compare your current grow with the best you ever did?
Keep track of your progress and have a clear view of how your current grow compares to previous ones.
Take logs, pictures, measures, and document every action in your plant’s diary with the help of your Grow Assistant.

No more guesswork; track metrics such as temperature, humidity, watering pH & EC for accurate monitoring of your plant’s environment - stack the odds in your favor for consistent successful growing 👌

Bonus for SGL bundle owners: temps/humidity measures, light/ventilation power are automatically recorded and graphed!

Learn directly from the Community

Want to know if the grass is really greener on the other side?

Explore and learn from other grower’s experiences by checking out their grow diaries.
Ask questions and get feedback from the community - by learning from each other we grow stronger 💪

Alerts & Reminders to prevent disasters

When life gets busy it’s easy to forget to check up on your plants or remember when the last watering was, even for someone with many grows under their belt (trust me, I know ^^).

Live stress free knowing your Grow Assistant has your back!

With the optional SuperGreenLab controller/sensor combo you can also get alerts when temperature or humidity shifts too much. Prevent issues before they even happen!
Download now:

Checkout the

Latest diaries in the app

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  • Easy installation
  • Can adapt to any space, no matter what size or configuration.
  • 36 of the best LEDs on the market: Samsung lm301b
  • Huge surface for better heat dissipation and even surface coverage
  • full spectrum: fits veg and bloom

Key metrics for 3 x SGL 36 lm301b

LED height above plant

Min: 5cm

Max: 30cm

Power consumption

Min: 15w

Max: 54w

Surface coverage

Min: NaNcm2

Max: 51x51cm2

PAR map


Approx yield

(depends on strain and grower’s skills)

Min: 15g

Max: 90g

Number of plants

(depends on strain and grower’s skills)

Min: 0

Max: 3

  • Fits to a wide array of sizes
  • Strong enough to pull through a carbon filter
  • Can be synced with temperature or light power
  • Totally silent at low level
  • Monitor your temperature and humidity for healthy plants
  • Get graphs on the SGL app thanks to the SGL controller
  • Get alerts and activate automations if temp/rh are out of bounds

The SuperGreenController offers features you’ll find essential for your advanced setup:

  • Night/day scheduling with progressive sunset/sunrise
  • Temperature, humidity and VPD reports
  • Sensor monitoring and alerts
  • Fine-tunable ventilation and lighting power control
  • Configured wirelessly from an app
  • Interact with home automation systems
  • Control up to 3 separate spaces at the same time


  • the power supply for your SGL controller + LEDs
  • 24V 6.25A for powering the controller + up to 6x LED panels 👌


Our bundles are shipped discreet



Welcome to the SGL grow diaries/assistant app :)
Follow along this guide to get started with the SGL app and initial set up.
Because we are working on creating the ultimate app for growers we need your help to understand how the app is used; thank you for sharing your experience with    us.
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