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Whether you’re new to growing and need help, or are an advance grower that want to experiment with advanced technics, the SuperGreenLab app can help.

On top of it’s remote control and monitoring features, the SuperGreenLab app also features an advanced checklist/reminder system.

By monitoring your diary and environment the app will give your notifications to never mess up your grow.



Control your SGL bundle

Remote control your ventilation, schedules and lights independently.

Got a full bundle with LEDs and ventilation control? The app will give you full remote control of your setup.
You already have your own lights and ventilation non-SGL setup? No worries the app also works with other non-SGL devices 👌


Setup your min and max values and receive notifications when your metrics are out of range.

All SGL products come with sensors for monitoring and alerts. The app will show you live values and backward history.
Thanks to the Checklist System, the sensor values can also be used to trigger reminders and alerts!

Remote monitoring

Temperature, humidity, VPD, CO2 and Weight!

Remote control

Ventilation, light, schedule, everything is remotely controlled!


Keep an eye on your grow and see how you plant reacts!

Surprisingly enough, a timelapse camera might be the most useful sensor in a grow room.
See how your plant communicates how it feels through it’s movements.
Early detect potential upcoming issues before they become a problem by receiving daily and weekly timelapses of your plant!

Thirst and anomaly detection

SGL is working on the first camera based issue detection for cannabis plants.

COMING SOON: Thanks to the few millions timelapse frames SGL has accumulated thanks to its community, we’re able to make smart movement analysis.
This research will lead to smart alerts based on how your plant moves throughout the day.


( Optional )

SGL Controller

At the heart of all our bundles, the SGL controller offers remote control as well as remote monitoring. Detachable screen coming soon!

SGL Tips

The SGL Tips device will allow to connect your environment to the SuperGreenApp without the need for a complete SGL bundle.

Raspberry PI + camera

The best way to see how your plant actually feels. Receive daily and weekly timelapses of your plant.


The SGL controller and SGL Tips devices are compatible with temperature, humidity, CO2 sensors. But also weight, because it’s a great way to detect dryness of your soil



Advanced reminder and checklist feature. Just like a real todo-list app, but dedicated to home-growers.

Growing weed is a lot about not forgetting things. That’s probably the most common cause of failure.
The SGL app now integrates an advanced Checklist and Reminder system that can monitor all aspects of your plant and its environment.
You can program you reminder with dates like any todo-list app, but you can also monitor your environment’s metrics and plant diary to trigger notifications just at the right time.

Reminder notifications

Never forget anything with the reminder notifications.

Action shortcuts

Just tap the notification to enter a new watering entry.


The SGL app comes with a free checklist tutoring system.
The app will send you notifications when there is something you should know.

While the app allows your create your own perfect grow recipe with the checklist system, we also provide ready-to-use checklist collections.
Usable for beginner and advanced growers, you will find checklist collections for all levels.
From the simple “Daily checks” to more advanced use cases like “How to grow organically” or “How to make feminized seeds”, the checklist collections can be a life saver for your plant.

The right tips at the right time

No need to read all the how-to-grow guides anymore. The app monitors your activity in your diary and give you useful tips.

Get answers before you ask

With all its pre-programmed checklist items, the app will be able to send you contextualized notifications based on your diary and environment metrics.



Keep track of your past grows to make sure you get better results each times.

The app comes with a its own diary features, you can keep track of your lights and ventilation settings change throughout your grow for future reference.
Keep track of your waterings and the nutrient mix you did.
You can also take notes and pictures of the different steps and actions you took.The app has dedicated diary cards for various training actions, like defoliation, bending, topping etc...
The app will also keep track of the current phase of your plant, whether it’s in veg or bloom etc... and for how long.
And of course the app can be pinlocked 🔒


Make your diary public to get help from the community or to help others.

Share your diary with the community to get feedback and share your success!
By default everything is private, but you can choose to make one of your diaries public.
In this case, others will be able to see it, but also replicate your grow 💚


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