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Sandblaster coarse sandpaper BY 3M

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Roughing up a surface for better adhesiveness

When you are faced with the task of stripping old paint, SandBlaster abrasives can make the job of sanding less work, whilst providing high quality results. The 2.5 m roll is compact and ideal for tool boxes - it’s easy to cut or tear pieces off for hand sanding or use with an electrical sander.
SandBlaster can be used on a wide range of surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, filler and fibreglass, and has a special coating to resist clogging. When dust builds up, simply knock it off the abrasive surface and carry on.

  • SandBlaster sandpaper roll - for high performance sanding on any surface and resists clogging
  • Cuts up to three times faster, lasts up to three times longer
  • For hand sanding or use with sanding blocks or orbital sanders
  • Contains one roll measuring 115 mm wide x 2.5 m long, in coarse P80 grit for heavy stripping tasks


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Welcome to the website guide of the Eket V2 build video guide.
With two separate chambers this build can do continuous supply in a very small package.

This guide is done with a small and a big eket, but you could do it with two large ones to allow longer vegging, in this case you can do the second eket for vegging with just 2 panels instead of 4.

The normal power usage for this build is below 50w total, which means less than $5/month for veg (4) and $3/month in bloom (3).

The new cardboard compression chamber of the blower allows for a quieter build and makes the carbon filter setup much simpler.

(The attachements below are also downloadable throughout the guide)

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