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Fabric Pot BY Simboom

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Great drainage and breathability for heathy and vigorous roots.

Fabric pots vs Plastic pots

The idea behind fabric pots is that fabric will let air go through it, which means roots can still breathe while being in contact with it.
Plants' roots tend to grow outward from the plant when growing into the wild. When growing inside a pot those roots will rapidly be blocked by the pot's edges, plastic will tend to asphyxiate the roots in contact with it, which leads to unhealthy roots and plant stress, which in turn will have an impact on your yield.
This is especially true in** tight spaces **where the pot size is constrained by the limited space.
Another advantage of fabric pots for stealthy setups is that they can be found in more "flat" shapes (and you can fold back the edges), which is nice when you have limited height.

Reusable, washable and easy to store
Plants become stronger - plant sack made of non-woven fabric, it gives the roots an air permeability, thus promoting stronger root formation and nutrient absorption.

Plant grow healthier - The plant bag provided a suitable temperature and humidity for plant growing.

Strong Handles - Thickened nylon handles with double stitching, comfortable grip, durable and safe when moving the plant, reduced risk of transplant shock.

  • roots can breathe through it
  • easier to store (can be totally flat)
  • easily adaptable to tight spaces


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